We offer our clients an exciting range of real time (RT),  virtual realty (VR) and interactive augmented reality (AR) products.

These are the latest, new, cutting edge visual technologies, that would put you in front of your competitors.

By identifing key requirements, we are able to help our clients better present thier real estate products and break in to the market.

Interactive Virtual 3D Floor Plans 

Made for PC, mobile, tablet or any touch screen, this is a fascinating and very persuasive interactive 3D plan.

With ready presets and easy, friendly navigation for every room, you are able to let your prospective buyers explore and experience the new home in 3D.

The user can interactively change different elements in the space.

Real Time Interactive Walk Through (RT)

Can be used via PC, mobile, tablet and touch screen. The user can change texture, colors, furniture and lighting Fixtures.

The user can turn on/off lights, set for night or day environments, and watch the actual view from the selected floor.

We can setup any programming and coding for any type of scenario required.

In exterior scenes we can provide a hi-end all in one interactive marketing system.

This new marketing system will provide your customers a unique purchasing experience.

Contact us for more information

Virtual Realty (VR)

VR places the user inside the experienced space.

Instead of viewing a screen in front of them, users are immersed and able to interact in a 3D fashion.

In VR you get the same features as in interactive walk through, the difference being the way in which the user interface reacts and the way the user moves in the 3D scene

VR users always wear virtual reality glasses (Headset)

You’re welcomed to visit our London studio for a fully interactive and pretty awesome demonstration of the latest HTC, VIVE and VR systems.

Drop us a line at info@line-creative.uk and we’ll make a date!

Augmented Reality (AR) Floor Plan

The basic idea of augmented reality is to superimpose graphics, audio and other sensory enhancements over a real-world environment in real time

Customers can view their home configurations in augmented reality using their smartphones or tablets.

Using AR brings about a better, more holistic appreciation of the different layouts available so that customers are more informed when shopping for their new homes, and feel more confident to decide on the purchase.

  1. Print the 2D plan below
  2. Open  ENTiTi app (get it from google play or apple store)
  3. Press SCAN and scan the 2D plan
  4. Press the ARROW symbol
  5. Press the PLAY symbol to watch the 3D model

2d plan FInal

3D Virtual Space Tours

Using cutting edge technology from Matterport we offer VR ready 3D virtual tours of any existing venue.

This is a new innovative and immersive 3D presentation like no other. it works flawlessly on PC, tablets and mobiles, allowing the viewer to walk through the property or venue as they wish.

3D virtual tours for existing properties or venues are the future of real estate marketing, allowing any prospective buyer/user , anywhere in the world (with internet connection) to experience the actual space , anytime they want, without having to physically be there.


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